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1884 Following his apprenticeship in Paris and in Tuttlingen in South Germany, Karl Elsener opens his own cutler's business in Ibach-Schwyz.    The energy for the grinding and polishing machines was supplied by a waterwheel driven by the Tobelbach brook.
1891 The Swiss Army was supplied with soldiers' knives for the first time.
1897 On June 12, the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife was patented.

1989 The launch of Swiss Army watches in America was highly successful.
1992 The company opens the first of its own sales offices in Japan. In the years that follow, further subsidiaries are founded in Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Hong Kong/China, Vietnam and Chile.

2005 The takeover of Wenger SA, Delémont in the Jura region, knife manufacturer since 1893 and also a supplier of the Swiss army, is intended to secure the ongoing further development of the "Swiss Army Knife" and the future of its Swiss-based production.
2006 Relocation of Watch factory to Porrentruy.

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Victorinox Bitwrench Tool VICBW

Picture of Victorinox Bitwrench Tool VICBW
Bitwrench Case & Bits for SwissTool

Victorinox Black Fabric Pouch

Picture of Victorinox Black Fabric Pouch
Black Fabric Pouch

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Victorinox Black Leather Belt Pouch

Picture of Victorinox Black Leather Belt Pouch
Black Leather Belt Pouch

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Victorinox Camper Swiss VICCAMP

Picture of Victorinox Camper Swiss VICCAMP
Camper Swiss Army Knife (Red) 1361371

Victorinox Champ Swiss

Picture of Victorinox Champ Swiss
Swiss Champ Swiss Army Knife

From £52.50

Victorinox Classic Inox Swiss VICCLASASL

Picture of Victorinox Classic Inox Swiss VICCLASASL
Alox Silver Swiss Army Knife 06221L26NP

Victorinox Classic Swiss SD

Picture of Victorinox Classic Swiss SD
Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

From £11.25

Victorinox Climber Swiss

Picture of Victorinox Climber Swiss
Climber Swiss Army Knife

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Victorinox Cyber Tool VICCYBER

Picture of Victorinox Cyber Tool VICCYBER
CyberTool 34 Swiss Army Knife (Translucent Red) 17725

Victorinox Explorer Swiss VICEXPL

Picture of Victorinox Explorer Swiss VICEXPL
Explorer Swiss Army Knife (Red) 1670300

Victorinox Fisherman Swiss VICFISH

Picture of Victorinox Fisherman Swiss VICFISH
Fisherman Swiss Army Knife (Red) 1473372

Victorinox Forester Swiss VICFOREBL

Picture of Victorinox Forester Swiss VICFOREBL
Forester Swiss Army Knife (Black) 083633

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