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6 Piece Tweezer Set 700128

Picture of 6 Piece Tweezer Set 700128
Set contains one industrial tweezer with strong sharp point


Axminster Mount Cutter 423003

Picture of Axminster Mount Cutter 423003
90° and 45° cutting operations in the same tool

From £4.14

Cutting Mats

Picture of Cutting Mats
Various sizes available

From £6.50

Jewellers Precision Pliers

Picture of Jewellers Precision Pliers
This is a range of superior quality, box joint pliers featuring polished heads and double leaf springs.

From £11.14

Jewellery Handy Vice 600773

Picture of Jewellery Handy Vice 600773
30mm length hand held steel vice with a comfortable hexagonal wooden handle for gripping small components


Joiners Mitre Clamp 200236

Picture of Joiners Mitre Clamp 200236
Made from cast iron


Miniature Anvil with Stand 700325

Picture of Miniature Anvil with Stand 700325
Miniature anvil which comes with stand


Mitre Clamp 340434

Picture of Mitre Clamp 340434
Light Duty Mitre Clamp


Needle File Handle 300189

Picture of Needle File Handle 300189
The universal needle file handle


Non-Skid Waterstone Holder

Picture of Non-Skid Waterstone Holder
Holds waterstones up to 210mm(8.1/4") long


Power Nibbler by Axminster 900038

Picture of Power Nibbler by Axminster 900038
Fits into chuck of mains power drill


Quick Frame Clamp 310079

Picture of Quick Frame Clamp 310079
Comprises eight 610mm lengths of threaded rod, and four of each corner blocks, quick nuts and coupling nuts.


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