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Chestnut Melamine Lacquer

A quick drying, hard wearing lacquer with a melamine additive which provides improved heat and water resistance. Once dry, the lacquer chemically ‘cures’ achieving maximum durability after seven days.
Manufacturer: Chestnut Products
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 Key Features

  • Provides protection against heat and water
  • Can be used over a cellulose sanding sealer
  • Quick drying
  • Dries to satin finish

his finish will give protection against both heat and water. It can be used alone or, for better results, over a cellulose based sanding sealer. Several thin coats provide a superior finish. Quick drying due to cellulose base. The melamine dries to a gloss finish and can then be matted using 0000 Steel Wool, or brought to a gloss by applying wax with a pad of 0000 Steel Wool and buffing to a shine. (Clean brushes in cellulose thinners see Solvents, Tools, Cleaners & Sundries section).


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