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Set of 3 Japanese Garden Tools - Cutter, Sickle and Trowel

Set of 3 really useful gardening tools
Manufacturer: Tools From Japan
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  • Set of 3 really useful gardening tools
  • Dig, transplant and remove weeds, cut roots and stems
  • Includes root cutter, sickle and trowel
  • Trowel with stainless steel blade and supplied in sheath
  • Strong blades, comfortable wooden handles
  • Tools with many uses

This package consists of a Japanese stainless steel gardener's trowel, root cutter and sickle.

Japanese Gardener's Root Cutter

Simple and effective, this small tool has a 70mm serrated blade. Hold it against the root to be severed and pull, that's it, job done. We are not sure if it can be used for harvesting asparagus, but that gives the principle of its operation. It has a wooden handle 140mm long and is a handy sized tool for dealing with a perennial problem.

Japanese Gardener's Sickle

This traditional tool is handy for all manner of tidying and trimming in the garden. The 160mm curved blade is finely serrated. In use the plant is held in one hand and the sickle drawn towards the user, making short work of even tough stems. This tool is fitted with a comfortable wooden handle; it is lightweight and versatile. 320mm overall length.

Stainless Steel Japanese Gardener's Trowel

This is a gem - a tough tool that is more than just a trowel. In Japan this tool is called Hori Hori, which translates as Dig Dig. It has a serrated edge one side and a bevelled edge on the other, and will perform such diverse tasks as loosening soil, digging, transplanting, dividing perennial plants, removing roots and tackling deep rooted weeds etc. The blade is stainless steel, specially heat treated for a long life, 40mm wide by 180mm long, slightly dished and fitted with a shaped wooden handle. The Hori Hori is supplied in a strong leatherette sheath with a belt loop. 295mm overall length.

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