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Marshalltown 27 Drywall T Square

Drywall T-Square with silver anodised finish and black epoxy painted numbers for long wear and legibility.
Manufacturer: Marshalltown
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  • Silver anodised finish with black expoxy paint numerals for long wear and legibility.
  • Notched head reverse ruling and stud marking allows for quick accurate cuts.
  • Aircraft-style rivets secure blades for long term accurancy.
  • Has one arm which measures 16" for use in finding studs
  • Head is notched which enables cutting a  48" board in one pass while the board is standing on the floor.

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Picture of M/T27

M/T27 27 Drywall T Square 47.7/8in

Size. 1200 x 550mm ( 48 x 22" )

Old price:  £35.22
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