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Souber Plunging Cutters PD

For Souber Morticer Lock Jig
Manufacturer: Souber Tools
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Key Features

  • Designed for the Souber lock jig
  • For accurate drilling of tubular latches, deadlocks etc
  • Plunge with a very clean precise cut
  • HSS with 3 cutting points


Designed for the Souber lock jig, these cutters are especially designed for tubular latches, concealed door closers, deadbolts etc. They have 3 points that plunge accurately into the timber. High speed steel.

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Picture of PD18 17.6mm
PD18 17.6mm

Picture of PD23 23mm
PD23 23mm

Picture of PD25 25.4mm (1")
PD25 25.4mm (1")

Picture of PD29 29mm
PD29 29mm

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