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Veritas Centre Finder 610133 05N15.01

A simple and accurate tool for finding the centre of a piece of timber.
Manufacturer: Veritas
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Key Features

  • Mark timber up to 6"across
  • Knife edge steelblade
  • Pre-drilled for mounting
  • Made from die-cast aluminium
  • Requires no effort
  • Works on square/cylinder stock
  • Good on other surfaces too
  • Accurate to 1/12"

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A simple and accurate tool for finding the centre of a piece of timber. Made from aluminium and pre-drilled for mounting conveniently near the lathe, it uses a knife-edged steel blade to score the end of the workpiece. Simply place a square or cylinder (up to 6" across) in the centre finder, tap it with a mallet, turn the wood 90° and tap it again. The result is two score lines which mark the centre of the workpiece. The Veritas Centre Finder functions well even with work that is not square. Just score the end of your workpiece four times rather than twice. This will give you a small polygon and you can then dot the centre of it by eye. It particularly shines when work has to be replaced on the lathe after waste ends have been removed. Because it is so accurate, you can re-establish the exact centre of any cylinder.



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