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BASE Safety Boot B241 Oak

Safety Rating S3
Manufacturer: Base
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Key Features

  • Airtech
  • tpu-Skin
  • Dry'n Air
  • Smell Stop
  • Sizes 6 -12

Short Description:

A perfect cominbation of style and technology - of product innovation and vintage design. S3 SRC. EN-ISO 20345: 2011

Smell Stop

Smell Stop is an anti-odour lining, that prevents bacteria and fungus responsible for odours, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes.

Prevents Bacteria and Fungus build up which stops bad smells and helps prevent conditions such as athletes foot

The anti-odour lining is scented which helps keep your shoes smelling fresh. 


Dry'n Air

Dry'n Air Gel is a high density gel version built in the heel, absorbs and dissipates the heel shock energy, reducing the joint stress.



tpu-Skin is a patented micro-thin skin which seals the outer sole. 

It reduces the overall thickness and weight of the sole. 

This thinner sole increases flexibility and movement resulting in improved comfort. 

The lightness of the sole takes less effort to lift and bend, reducing foot fatigue.



A patented process which aerates the polyurethane used to injection mould soles with thousands of little air bubbles 

Creates thousands of little air pockets within the soles which makes a shoe up to 250g (30%) lighter which takes less effort to lift and reduces foot fatigue by up to 48% 

Decreases the amount of polyurethane in each sole which increases flexibility and cushioning in the sole resulting in higher shock absorption



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