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Titebond II Fluorescent Wood Glue

See the unseen before it spoils your finished work; Titebond II Fluorescent Wood Glue shows you where the glue contaminated surfaces are which you thought were clear!
Manufacturer: Titebond
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Key Features

  •  This fluorescent glue allows woodworkers to detect glue spots when viewing the glue line under a black light, for example to easily find and remove excess glue on workpieces that are to be stained or dyed. It is suitable for all bonds in interior and exterior projects that are occasionally exposed to moisture.
  • Resistant to most solvents
  • Excess glue can be wiped off with water
  • Excellent sandability without softening
  • Unaffected by finishes

Physical properties: Polyvinyl acetate glue, yellowish-translucent glue line, ANSI Type II water-resistance, application temperature 13-30°C, open/closed assembly time 5/10 min., clamp time 30-60 min., maximum hardness after 24 hours, storage life min. 12 months from purchase.