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Arbortech Woodcarver Pro-4

This carving disc fits onto most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders and removes large amounts of wood quickly and effectively when carving or sculpting.
Manufacturer: Arbortech
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Key Features

  • Pro-4 woodcarver blade only
  • Attaches to 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders


The original Arbortech Pro-4 blade with teeth similar to that of a chainsaw chain. This blade is excellent at removing material quickly and efficiently and once tried you will soon be cutting and shaping your wooden projects with ease. Blade only, suitable for most 100mm(4") and 115mm(4.1/2") angle grinders. We recommend the use of adequate guarding and protective equipment when using this blade.

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Picture of Arbortech PRO-Guard for Woodcarver (Guard Only)
Arbortech PRO-Guard for Woodcarver (Guard Only)

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