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Kreg KHC Right Angle Pocket Hole Clamp

This clamp helps to align workpieces in 90° registration. The clamp is designed with a 9.5mm steel pin on one arm that fits down into the pocket hole and anchors the workpiece firmly against the second workpiece
Manufacturer: Kreg
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Key Features

  • Helps to align workpieces at 90°
  • 9.5mm steel pin fits into the pocket hole
  • Anchors the workpiece firmly in position
  • Great for assembling box joints


Attaching a face-frame to a cabinet carcass, assembling drawers, shelving and other situations where you need to join workpieces at 90 degree angles is a snap with the Right Angle Clamp. It features a steel pin on one arm that fits snugly into one Pocket-Hole to clamp the pieces together as you drive a screw into an adjacent hole. Using the Right Angle Clamp is like having a helper on hand to hold materials at a perfect 90°.

Clamp Using the Pocket-Hole

The steel pin on one arm of the clamp is shaped to fit snuggly into a Pocket-Hole, securely anchoring one workpiece against the other for easy assembly. Just drive a screw in an adjacent Pocket-Hole while the Right Angle Clamp holds the pieces for you.

Swivel Pad

On the arm opposite the pin, this clamp features a pad capable of swiveling to adjust to the dimensions of your material, so you can count on solid clamping without a chance of the joint shifting.

Ultra Wide Reach

Whether you’re joining two thin drawer sides for a cabinet, or thicker materials to frame an outdoor project, the Right Angle Clamp opens wide to get the job done.

Use Two Clamps

Many woodworkers find it handy to use two Right Angle Clamps when assembling large workpieces. Place a clamp on each end to hold the wood while you drive screws in the remaining Pocket-Holes.

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