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Crown Beecham Skewchigouge

3/8" 10mm Skewchigouge, 8 1/2" 216mm Handle
Manufacturer: Crown Tools
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  • Primarily for spindle work
  • Combined chisel and gouge
  • Supplied with Allan Beecham's own instructions
  • 3/8" 10mm Skewchigouge, 8 1/2" 216mm Handle

A rather strange name for an interesting and versatile tool. Primarily used for spindle work, the Skewchigouge is, as the name suggests, a skew chisel and gouge combined in the one tool.

Used with the face upwards it is used as a gouge for forming beads and other details on the spindle and then, by rotating the tool through 90°, the chisel edge comes into play for forming sharp and accurate shoulders.

Comes with Allan Beecham's own instructions.

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