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Wetterlings Splitting Maul Axe 950022

These powerful axes and maul are made for splitting logs and large chunks of wood.
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The splitting maul has a tempered poll enabling its use in combination with a splitting wedge to deal with the most gnarled logs. This is a very powerful type of axe; it will make short work of logs other axes won’t touch. The cutting edge has a much wider angle than a chopping axe which means it is unlikely to get stuck in the log’s end grain. Both wooden and metal wedges securely fix the hand forged head to the long American hickory handle. The length ensures there is plenty of power in the swing, hickory is tough and one of the best materials for a handle. Weight 2.5kg, length 820mm, supplied with a protective sheath of tanned leather.

For over 100 years Wetterlings have been making axes.Today 10 blacksmiths proudly continue the tradition of producing world class axes. This means that not one axe is the same as the other and every axe that leaves the factory in Sweden has its own unique character and bears its own distinguishing mark. A hand forged Wetterlings has a hardness of 58-59 degee Rockwell. Each axe is slowly forged, a methodical task that demands time and patience and is entirely dependent upon the skill of the blacksmith. After being hammered for a long period of time the steel becomes extremely strong and can be ground to a high level of sharpness. Wetterlings turn the axe handles using brown heartwood of American hickory. This wood has the impact resistance and strength expected of an axe handle. If you want the world's finest hand made axe in terms of durability and performance buy a Wetterlings. 

N.B. By purchasing any axe, you are confirming that you are AGED 18 or over.

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