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Victorian Torus Moulding Router Cutter 666181

Axcaliber Victorian Torus Moulding Router Cutter - D=31.8, X=36.5, R=9.53mm, S=1/2"(12.7mm)
Manufacturer: Axcaliber
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Produced using advanced technology on up-to-the-minute multi axis CNC machinery. Shanks made from SAE4140 steel hardened to Rockwell 45RC, renowned for its hardness and strength, and the tips are made from diamond ground micrograin tungsten carbide. A virtual mirror finish ensures a durable, clean cutter capable of holding a sharp edge and a thick Teflon coating enables the cutters to remain free of resin. All cutters are produced with high shearing angles.

Shank Diameter: 1/2"(12.7mm)
X: 36.5mm
D: 31.8mm
R: 9.53mm

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