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Veritas Plugger 476056

Use to restore stripped screw holes
Manufacturer: Veritas
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Key Features

  • Use to restore stripped screw holes
  • Ream out a stripped screw hole with The Plugger using a hand drill
  • Plug with a dowel, cut in a pencil sharpener
  • 10 pre-drilled dowels (leadless pencils) included to make plugs with integral pilot holes
  • Use for decorative plugging with different woods
  • 10mm (3/8") shank
  • High-carbon steel


With a 16° taper this reaming bit lets you easily restore stripped screw holes. Used in a hand drill, it reams the hole, which you then plug with a dowel (or scrap of wood) sharpened to a point, for example using a pencil sharpener. It works equally well preparing holes for decorative plugging. By adjusting the depth control on a drill press, you can ream to whatever size you want, letting you easily make holes for plugs of any size up to 10mm(3/8") diameter. Plugs are almost costless since they can be made quickly in a pencil sharpener from shop scraps. For restoring screw holes, instead of drilling a pilot hole in the center of a dowel, use one of the included 10 pre-drilled dowels (leadless pencils).

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