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Proxxon MK 240 MICRO-Compressor with Air Brush 702053 NO 27120

The set is light, small and quiet.
Manufacturer: Proxxon
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Key Features

A practical product combination for model builders, for working with templates, and for technical illustrations. Low-noise running. With 200cm air hose for connection to the airbrush AB 100. This has a single-action function and an adjustable nozzle which makes it easy to operate even for beginners. Two paint containers are included.

This set-up is only suitable for airbrush work! Only watercolours, graining colours, pigment colours and temperas can be processed (no oil paints, synthetic resin paints or other paints that need to be thinned with solvents). 

NO 27 120


Model: MK240
Capacity: 12 litres
Max Pressure: 29psi
Nett Weight: 1.3kg
Noise Level: 70dB
Overall L x W x H: 140 x 120 x 95mm
Power: 85W

Light Trade


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