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Proxxon MICROMOT NG 2/S Mains Adaptor 476059

12v Mains Adaptor for Micromot Tools
Manufacturer: Proxxon
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  • Proxxon reliability
  • Tough heat resistant NORYL casing
  • 240V to12V 2.0A
  • Foldable rest for Micromot tools

The micromot mains adaptor NG2/S is a 240V to 12-18V / 2.0A unit suitable for many of the Proxxon machines. The NORYL casing is heat resistant, which is a necessity for transformer enclosures. The red LED indicates readiness for use and the PTC element (Positive temperature coefficient) prevents overload of the unit. A foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the Micromot tools at the ready. Note: Supplies 2.0A at 16 Volt open circuit and 12 Volt under load. The mains adapters do not include the illustrated mill/drill units.

Specification for Proxxon MICROMOT NG 2/S Mains Adaptor:
Input Voltage 220 - 240V
Model NG 2/5
Nett Weight 1kg
Output Voltage 12 - 18V

NO 28 706    for 220 - 240V

Power consumption of hand-held power tools is measured according to the internationally accepted ICE-745-1 specification. The current drawn is measured, not the power consumption with a hot motor just before stalling. In practice, this condition seldom appears, if ever. All PROXXON mains adapters are suitably dimensioned for the recommended purposes.

The adapters do not include the illustrated drills/grinders.

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