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Z Saw Japanese Folding Crosscut Saw VIII 265mm Z18401

Ideal for Construction woodworkers and Carpenters for cutting Cross Laminated Boards and timbers of various dimensions regardless of grain direction.
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Key Features

  • Sawing plate thickness: 0.60 mm
  • Cut width: 0.92 mm
  • Pitch: 1.75 mm
  • Blade passing: 265 mm
  • Cutting Edge Processing: Hard Impulse
  • Folding saw
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It is possible to cut vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
It is suitable for lumber general, laminated wood, plywood.
Sharpness, hard impulse treatment excellent in durability has been done.
You can use window blades with cutting blades for cutting.
It is folding type convenient for carrying.
It is a tapered shape that enters a narrow gap.
You can adjust the angle of the handle in two steps according to your work environment.


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